Pictures from St. Patrick's Day Parade - Pittsburgh, PA  #ATVingPA

Pictures from St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Pittsburgh, PA #ATVingPA

APA Hoody DesignAll I can say is…  WHAT A GREAT TIME !

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves last Saturday, a great time was had by all !

Please check out some of the pictures we got at the parade, I also have some more to upload yet, so stay tuned !

If you have any pictures of the event and want to share them, please use the hashtag #ATVingPA on all social media sites so we can search and find them.

Looking forward to getting out and meeting more people at some rides this year…

Enjoy the pictures !
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Guess what time it is?  St. Patricks Day !!!

Guess what time it is? St. Patricks Day !!!

APA Hoody DesignAs we have done for as long as and have been around, we will be attending the annual Pittsburgh St. Patricks Day parade.  We do have to limit our list to 30 machines again this year, so we are opening it up to Forum Members first, then if all slots aren’t filled by March 5th, we will open it up to friends, etc.

The parade is on March 12th, 2016, and we have started a post in the forums about the event.  Please make your way over there and sign up in the post.  We do not have our meeting place nailed down yet, but is normally just north of Pittsburgh.

We had a great time last year despite the rainy weather, and hoping for much better weather this year !

We will once again have a new design for hoodies and t shirts as they were a huge hit last year.  I will have the ordering set up soon online for them.  In addition we are looking into flags to mount on the machines for identification, as well as to fly the colors when you go out riding.  They will be the type you can mount to the window of your tow vehicle so others may identify you when they are out.

Get on over and sign up, it was a wildly popular ride last year as we turned away about 30 or 40 more machines because of the cut off…  Don’t wait till the last minute and get left behind this year.

See you all in Pittsburgh soon !

PSU RV Giveaway - Sept 12th Game - Win Now

PSU RV Giveaway – Sept 12th Game – Win Now

toy haulerOur RV rental sponsors (Keystone Alternatives) has acquired a 25′ Cargo mate Toyhauler which will go into their rental fleet in Spring 2016.

To celebrate their recent addition to their fleet, they are giving away a FREE RV Weekend for the Sept 11-13th Weekend (this weekend).  Enter before 10pm on Weds 9/9 for your chance to win, winner announced at 9:30pm.

You will get a FREE RV Set up and ready for you to show up with 5 of your friends or family and a tailgate party for 6 on Saturday afternoon before the game!

How do you win?  Simply head on over to their FB Page, click the picture to the right to get there, like their page, and then use the form below…  Thats it !  Good Luck !

From the Creators of Rec Rider - BRAPP MAGAZINE

From the Creators of Rec Rider – BRAPP MAGAZINE

We would like to take a minute to welcome BRAPP Magazine to the community!  Although tweb Logo Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.41webusehey are a new venture, the faces and work are all familiar to us !

Please welcome back to the Publication World – Jim Bull and his family !  Jim was the creator, publisher and brains behind Rec Rider Magazine which we all grew to know and love.  The magazine was then sold last year to a larger publication company and was not managed with the love, care and personal touch it desired and closed it doors.

Jim and his family saw this as an opportunity to introduce a new endeavor dedicated to the Recreation and Racing circuits in the Mid-Atlantic region, and so…  He brings on BRAPP Magazine !

Please click on the logo to visit them in the Forums and follow his adventures as he navigates the scenes in the riding community !  You can also Visit Him On The Web Here !

We are very excited to have Jim and his family back in the picture and look forward to seeing what he will bring to the ATV community !

20% Off Shamrock Logo Long Sleeve T's, Hats and Stickers

20% Off Shamrock Logo Long Sleeve T’s, Hats and Stickers

APA Hoody DesignWe are trying to clear out all remaining Shamrock logo merchandise.

ALL ITEMS NOW 20% OFF – While supplies last.

Use the code ( SHAMROCK ) when checking out for discount.

Click here to visit the MyNEOD Square Store.


NEW APP Released !

Great News Everyone !  Our NEW Mobile APP is LIVE !  Screenshot_2015-03-13-11-27-55Simply go to Google Play store for Android, or the APP Store for Apple / IOS devices.  Other mobile platforms like Windows and Blackberry will work as well.

The new APP will help ATV / SXS / Moto X and Off Road enthusiasts stay up to date on all of the events, poker runs, shows, and benefits, as well as member and club rides happening in an around PA with our new Events List.Screenshot_2015-03-13-10-32-53  Know of an event or want to get your event listed on the APP as well, no problem, simply use the Submit Event button to send the info in for listing it.

Members will also be eligible for discounts using the Mud CardScreenshot_2015-03-13-10-33-03 in the APP from a growing list of dealers, riding parks, accessories companies and more.  If you don’t see someone you deal with listed on the app yet, ask them if they are getting listed, we will be adding new listings all the time.Screenshot_2015-03-13-10-33-22

If you organize a ride, or know of a ride not listed on the events list, please let us know and we will get it added.

We are extremely excited to be able to get this APP into you hands and help you enjoy the ride, meet new people and groups to ride with, and save you money when buying your equipment and gear !

Please help spread the word!  Share it with your friends and other riders you know…

Thanks to all of our members who tested the APP and helped to bring it to you !

Welcome Our NEW Admin! Justin (padirtslinger)

Welcome Our NEW Admin! Justin (padirtslinger)

551016_4027658458279_1232842612_nHey there everyone !
Please give Justin (PADIRTSLINGER) a warm welcome welcome !

He will be taking care of admin duties here on APA now and attending rides and events around the state !

Justin and his wife Bobbi are looking forward to seeing everyone out on the trails and meeting members there as well as here on the forums !

Welcome Justin and thanks for stepping up to the position !

St Patricks Day - Parade - Special Edition Hoodie

St Patricks Day – Parade – Special Edition Hoodie

APA Hoody DesignSpring and St Patricks Day is right around the corner and we have about 30 members attending the Pittsburgh, PA St Patricks Day and have made a special edition Hoodie, Hat and T Shirt for anyone going or just looking for an awesome ATVingPA logo.

All items will be black in color with the pictured logo.

Click HERE TO ORDER yours today, orders are only available until March 1st…

Happy New Year !  2015

Happy New Year ! 2015

kawasaki vikingNew Year, New Machines, New Riding Spots, New People to Ride With !

2015 will bring some great changes to and with that more activity to the site.  It seems to have lost its gusto over the last year, and we are currently looking at ways to increase our activity and group rides / activities!

Look for some great news and developments coming out soon !

Wishing you all a great new year and new beginnings !

Keystone Fuzion - Offical Toyhauler of

Keystone Fuzion – Offical Toyhauler of

Well its official everyone !  We decided on the Keystone Fuzion Toy Hauler for the Toy Hauler of Choice!LerchRV Announces Fuzion

We are now in a 2014 Keystone Fuzion 310, and LOVE it !  Please stop by and check it out if you see us out and about !

We would be happy to show it to you !