2007 Polaris' cooling fan kept kicking on and off.

Machine was a Sportsman 800:

It was the circuit breaker--@ 1" long silver box with 2 contact posts wrapped in black electrical tape attached to the wiring harness by the steering column...they aren't sealed at all for 2007 (2008 + have a little plastic sack that encloses it located under the front box or near steering column, but they leak as well) so water and mud get inside and slowly corrode the contacts. It causes the charging system to malfunction( charging at @ 12.6V--after disconnecting and alleviating the short circuit it was back up to 14.4V )

and the fan to keep trying to kick on but doesn't. Anyone could go online, state the problem and get ideas...when 3 separate sites have the same problem and solution, its most likely correct. And I'm not a