Here is a vid of a modified Teryx - 160hp, all electric. The 4 motors, 40hp each, were detuned thru the computer controller from 47hp each. So a little "tuning" on the computer would produce 188hp - and that's not crankshaft hp, that's wheel hp! With the currently installed single speed gearsets, at the CV joint of each wheel, a whopping 726 ft-lbs peak torque is delivered.

We're all thinking about when Kawi will put the 800 or bigger motor in the Brute but what about an electric Brute. Maybe with smaller 20hp motors.

EVDrive Demo a UTV with 4-Wheel Motor Torque Vectoring| Electric Vehicle News

Think you'd miss the Vtwin sound? They thought of that: optional engine sound synthesis unit some OEMs expressed interest in, with 2 sounds demonstrated in the video, a gas turbine and V-twin motorcycle sound

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