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#37270 - 05/29/14 03:32 AM utility vs. sport?
jrl73 Offline

Registered: 06/26/13
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Loc: NJ
I currently own a Polaris sportsman and trail boss. The sportsman obviously rides much nicer then the trail boss. I've been looking at some sport quads like Yamaha's warrior and YFZ450. My question is how would the ride on the Yamaha's compare to my sportsman? I've never owned a sport quad but often think they must handle and ride decent because the guys are them are always passing by me on trails and gone from sight in a few seconds. I know for trail riding the IRS is better then a swing arm, is that true for sport quads also? Thanks

#37277 - 05/29/14 11:59 AM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
Jim Offline
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I LIKE the sport quads becouse they feel more to my dirt bike likeing. depends on how you ride, you like to play around on hills play areas ect(dry) a sport may be the way to go, lighter weight too if it ends rubber up. Sport quads are of the breed-- ride them harder for the best feel, thats why you tipically want to go faster on the trails, also they are more of a race oriented group of riders. I could go either way now, but i still like the agility of the lighter quads, and as far as not being able to go where the 4x4's go, not going to find many places, unless you run with a mudding/swamp group.

IRS VS SRA ?? DONT know, but i know there are advantages to both ways
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#37286 - 05/30/14 01:16 AM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
f67tball Offline

Registered: 03/31/14
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Loc: Jefferson hills, Pa
I love sport quads but I am the guy doing willies and flying around all over the place if u are looking to slide around corners and just have fun the sport quads are def the best choice. As for IRS there is one sport quad that I know has it it's Hondas trx700xx which is in the same category as the raptor700 from a yamaha the big difference is the rear suspension and there are plenty of vids comparing the 2. If u want the ride and speed the can am renegades are probably the fastest utilities.
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#37291 - 05/30/14 10:17 AM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
slick Offline

Registered: 05/17/14
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Loc: The Burgh
I too enjoy my sport quads. I generally do not ride in deep mud bogs or tow anything aside from a broken down machine in need of some help , my Blaster and Raptors have gone most everywhere a 4x4 has gone even mountain climbing , I do have great suspensions so that does help. It is a different kind of riding , as mentioned above I slide and wheelie opften over trees and rocks instead of roll over them .
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#37294 - 05/30/14 06:52 PM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
Snowdog Offline

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Loc: Hatfield, PA
I started off on a 2007 Wolverine 450 4x4, I loved the on demand 4wd but it didn't have enough "sport" to it for me.

I upgraded to a TRX700XX and I absolutely love it! I love the IRS suspension, I don't miss the straight axle and my aching back for 3 days after a weekend of riding. I love the speed, the hill climbing and I still mess around in mud but not nearly as deep as you would on a utility. The people I ride with aren't mud hole riding bunch so it doesn't matter to me. The Polaris Predator or Outlaw 500 or 550 also had a IRS rear suspension. The 700xx was only made for 2 years and no word yet if Honda will bring anything back in the 700cc range.

I do miss my Wolverine when it snows because the 700xx sucks in it! Then again, where I live though if I get caught on the roads I'm sure to get a ticket so I usually don't go out too far riding around.

Only way I'll buy a utility quad will be if my 3 kids decide to keep riding and I need the storage bags and gear etc etc to go out all day with the family. That and actually do get older but I'm fighting that to the bitter end!

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#37303 - 05/31/14 08:27 PM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
WalkinTarget Offline

Registered: 03/16/11
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Loc: York, PA
It all comes down to comfort for a person. I'm almost 46, and when I was riding a sport quad at age 40 it was OK, but the second day of a weekend ride was a challenge .. EVERYTHING hurt. After I got a ride on a utility, I knew I was hooked. It allowed me to ride that second day with a lot less strain on my body from the day before.

Why do you think guys are buying SxSs ? Most are over 50, and it's just a LOT easier on your body .. it does not beat you up like a sport does, and it doesn't fatigue you like a utility will.

My 2 day rides are not as frequent as they were since Whiskey Springs closed, but I am very interested in moving on to a Polaris Ace in a year or two. If my King Quad wasn't so solid and smooth a ride, I'd be buying the Ace this year.
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#37305 - 06/01/14 03:52 PM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: WalkinTarget]
Wildhorse800 Offline

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Don't forget about the Polaris Outlaw 525 which came with both IRS and swingarm setups. No sports quad can match the Sportsman's ride...but then again, no Sportsman will ever match a Raptor's agility and sportiness. Just get the best of both worlds and get a Scrambler 1000. They are WICKED fast and...just go test drive one. It's the scariest/thrilling ride I ever had...and VERY comfortable. CanAm Renegade is also a white knuckle ride...but I'd take the new Scrambler over the CanAm for reliability.

#37320 - 06/02/14 11:42 AM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
54warrior Offline

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x2 on the Scrambler 1000

I grew up riding on a Warrior and the suspension stinks.
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#37321 - 06/02/14 12:26 PM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
TwoBuells Offline

Registered: 04/20/13
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Loc: Red Lion, Pa. York County
Love my Can am Renegade 1000. It's my second Renegade. Great machine, power steering, Fox Shocks, more power than I'll ever need srider
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#37324 - 06/02/14 02:41 PM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
Squatchy Offline

Registered: 11/23/12
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Loc: Blairsville, Pennsylvania
I used to have a yfz. Although there are times that I miss it, I just can't go back. My body can't handle it anymore. I love the ride of my Sportsman. The closest I'll ever get to a sport quad again would be a Scrambler / Renegade.
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#37329 - 06/03/14 12:31 PM Re: utility vs. sport? [Re: jrl73]
westonperf Offline

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I just turned a young son and I were just at tar hollow and did a few laps. I really enjoy fast trail riding, so I'm not ready to give up my raptor just yet. But there are times, especially when riding PA mountains that a nice fast cushy 4x4 would be nice. :)
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