Well I did it. After years of being a loyal Yamaha customer I purchased a new 2014 Teryx 2 LE. So far I love it! There are a few changes Id like to see made but I think everything is that way. The following are the Pros and Cons IMHO. PROS First off this thing looks bad a$$. Went riding with RZRs and commanders yesterday and they all wanted to check it out. Defiantly purposed different than those machines but that's what attracted me. Middle of the road sport utility. I love the suspension and ride, I cant wait to start playing with the shocks. After 75 miles no complaints from me or my wife. Seats are ultra comfortable and the storage is awesome unless you plan to use it as a cooler. ( more in the cons section) LED light are nice plenty bright for me. When the limiter hits at 50 MPH you can tell she has alot more to give, power is great.

Cons My biggest complaint is the gas peddle location, just not comfortable to me, Im hoping someone has an aftermarket fix. Seats are not easily adjustable. I want em all the way back and she wants it all the way foward. Agian I believe the aftermarket companies will solve this. Noise and heat from the motor while not terrible it could be lessened. I had a hard time keeping my beverages iced in the storage box. Why did they put a drain plug if it wasnt intended for a beer cooler LOL. Its heavy, which is also a pro, well built and stout. On the sandbars by the river is the only time the weight was cumbersome. Tilt steering would be nice but its not uncomfortable in its present condition. And 4X4 id like to see a full locking diff not just the front and the ability to shift on the go. As I said Im a Yamaha guy and they have really nailed that. All and all we are very happy with it. Hopefully years of fun.
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