There's no emoticon that expreses what I really feel.

I was the original author of the above posts, so I figure it’s appropriate that I post the latest news about this area. The last time that I went trail riding I did so in Ginter, but that was more than three years ago. Since then I sold my truck, leaving me with no way of getting off of my own property.

Ginter was the best riding area that I know of. There were a hundred miles of trails (my estimate), camping, poker runs, and best of all totally free.

That was the case until recently. I heard by word of mouth, and from multiple sources, that this fantastic riding area is now closed.

From what I’ve been hearing, several things contributed to the owner’s decision to close his property to riding, including:

1) Riders leaving trash. When I asked for permission to ride here, the only stipulation was that I remove any trash that I take into the area. For me this was a given.
2) Disrespect toward others. I was informed that some riders got into a disrespectful mouth battle with an individual, not knowing this individual was the owner.
3) Disrespect toward others. You thought I already mentioned this, but this is another occurrence. Some high spirited riders found it amusing to repeatedly “dust” a group of slower riders.

The result is that the best ATV riding area that I know of is now closed.

Dammit, this pisses me off.

"I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends."
Abraham Lincoln