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#35415 - 09/04/13 10:07 AM Ebensburg Yamaha
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I won't slam the service dept. but rather just give you an idea of what happened by pasting my email to them AFTER I fixed a quad that they couldn't...and still charged the guy a ridiculous amount for diagnosis and STILL didn't fix the problem!!! Not to mention giving it back to him "fixed" only to have to make the drive back up several times because it wasn't fixed! I will NEVER NEVER NEVER GO THERE FOR ANYTHING...unless they do the honorable thing and refund some of his money... Here was my email that is a little longer, but a 500 character limit made me shorten it some...

Just letting your service department, and I use the term VERY loosely, know that I have fixed (friend's name here) Polaris that you couldn't and still charged him. Charge for diagnosis ONLY if it leads to the repair. And now let me breakdown my "real mechanic" cost---diagnosis= 10 minutes, trip to NAPA 15 minutes,actually FIX THE PROBLEM= @ 10 minutes, and most of that was sealing it up with silicone to prevent it from happening again. Parts=$13 Labor= not a dime since you guys screwed him out of so much and felt bad for him! Why don't you do the honest thing and give him back some of the money that you basically stole from him. He paid you to fix it and you failed. You cannot justify it with anything you did do diagnostic wise to make it fix=no charge...shame on you!

#35417 - 09/04/13 10:48 AM Re: Ebensburg Yamaha [Re: Wildhorse800]
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Lemme guess .. broken TBAP at pins or wiring ??? When I bought a Polaris, I soon familiarized myself with their problems, and that was probably issue #1 on the 2005-2008 Polaris ATVs. It boggles the mind that a service center couldn't make that right if that is in fact what you encountered.
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#35443 - 09/05/13 03:03 PM Re: Ebensburg Yamaha [Re: WalkinTarget]
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Registered: 11/04/10
Posts: 1344
Loc: Between Bedford and Canada
Actually overheating...they removed the radiator saying it was plugged up that was the problem, then didn't want to replace the thermostat as it was working fine...he went to get the thermostat back to get his money back and they told him the mechanic went ahead and installed it! My gripe is they charged and didn't fix it. I could have charged him $100 and he'd have paid because it was fixed. My wife always said I couldn't make it owning my own shop because I was too honest and never charged enough. He is getting this one for free, other than the ACTUAL cost of parts, no mark up for me!

It was the circuit breaker by the steering column...they aren't sealed at all for 2007(2008 + have a little plastic sack that encloses it, but they leak as well) so water and mud get inside and slowly corrode the contacts. It causes the charging system to not work right and the fan to keep trying to kick on but doesnt. Anyone could go online, state the problem and get ideas...when 3 separate sites have the same problem and solution, its most likely correct. And I'm not a professional cycle mechanic!!! But I could be...

#39980 - 03/05/17 03:12 AM Re: Ebensburg Yamaha [Re: Wildhorse800]
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Old post but adding to it. Bought a new quad from them and lets just say that I had to return it for safety reasons. Service department screw up big time. They gladly replaced the quad no problem though.

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