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Cfmoto??? - 08/12/14 01:55 AM

Anyone have one of their sxs? Ever drivin/rode in one? Thanks
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Re: Cfmoto??? - 08/12/14 01:12 PM

Dirt Trax gave them a pretty good review (might be on YouTube) although Id be a little skeptical of a Chinese made SXS. I always felt that way about Kymcos too but a buddy of mine bought one and its been a quality machine so far.
Posted By: 4x4dad

Re: Cfmoto??? - 08/13/14 02:10 PM

I understand they have a good reputation , but eventually it will break down and need serviced and/or parts . Make sure you have a dealer that you can get it serviced at when the need arises .
Posted By: Ridgekid

Re: Cfmoto??? - 08/16/14 01:23 PM

The Chinese are trying to kill us. First our pets, then our babies. Now they are going after atv riders. Whatch out folks!!!
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Re: Cfmoto??? - 08/20/14 12:40 AM

I'd prefer a Kymco over a CF Moto, as they are easier to get parts for, but at some point if the price is right a CF Moto is worth looking at.

My local Yamaha dealer carries a Bennche offbrand SxS named a Spire 800. Two years ago they were $7500 for an 800 Twin, which was a very good deal. Last year, they were now up to $8500 for the same package and options. This year the price looks to be $10,500, so price is no longer their great selling point.

Bennche Spire 800
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