New must have for us!

Posted By: El Presidente Goody07'

New must have for us! - 07/07/13 10:21 PM

I was due for a cell phone upgrade and had seen Casio had changed the color of my G'zOne so I just walked past it and started to bitch to the salesmen about how I wished that there was going to be a newer version of the G'zOne. So he politely said it was on the shelf that I had just passed. So lets just say bye bye old slow processor and 3G and hello new friend!!! My old one still works great even after swimming, mudding, dropped thrown.... you get it!! These phones are going to last like Twinkies and ##CENSORED## c o c k roaches ( what"s wrong with that word Ranger? ( It's the same word ))after a nuclear blast steaming
Link to verizonwireless for info on the new version of the Casio G'zOne commando.
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Re: New must have for us! - 07/07/13 11:13 PM

Man , I'm always one step behind. I just got one of the original commandos.
Posted By: Yamsaab

Re: New must have for us! - 07/08/13 01:16 AM

I'm kinda surprised it still has the 4 main buttons on the bottom still. Android phones dropped the search button awhile ago since no one ever uses the that button (I know I don't). Atleast they have something somewhat durable in their smartphone since the only durable dumb phone they have is the Casio GzOne Ravine which costs twice as much as the phone you got.

Still can't believe my HTC Incredible 2 is still chugging along after 2 years which somewhat amazes me. It's lasted longer then any dumb phones that I've had before it. They all seem to have a 1-1.5yr life before they start to fall apart or malfunction.
Posted By: El Presidente Goody07'

Re: New must have for us! - 07/08/13 01:55 AM

I loved my first gen G'zOne Commando, but I did need to buy a new battery after 1 1/2 years. ( ebay for $10.95 )
Posted By: RZRDAD

Re: New must have for us! - 07/08/13 09:26 AM

I have the 3G version from a few years ago. While at a Pirate game a few years ago my son dropped it .... down the steps it rolled, bounced and flipped. It had one little scratch on the cover but worked fine. Try that with your I Phone! I mostly just need it to be a phone so all the other junk is of little interest to me. I'll check this one out too. Thanks for the post.
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