New Gps forum

Posted By: Rrudzi

New Gps forum - 08/16/12 02:22 AM

Admin has added this for you GPS guys. Here you can discuss GPS related topics like cordanates of trails and other points of interests. Maybe one day I can figure out how to use one of these fancy things. eyecrazy
Posted By: mikeexplorer

Re: New Gps forum - 08/21/12 09:10 PM

Cool! thankyou A GPS is a handy thing to have. I use mine all the time.

Posted By: Buckytheresa

Re: New Gps forum - 10/31/12 02:08 PM

I know the regular GPS for driving is great and this one would be great to have for sure.
Posted By: Ridgekid

Re: New Gps forum - 10/31/12 06:17 PM

If anyone wants to exchange .gpx files, let me know. I use the Trail Tech Voyager.

.gpx files are transferable if you use that format.
Posted By: Hammer07

Re: New Gps forum - 11/01/12 01:11 AM

i have a giant file of WV trails that includes Pinnacle Creek, Indian Ridge, Pocahontas and all the outlaw stuff in between. it also has POI's, gas, food, etc. if anyone is interested
Posted By: Polarisboy

Re: New Gps forum - 04/28/15 07:00 AM

Does anyone have the maps for snowshoe rails to trails on they're gps?
I have a garmin Oregon 550t...thanks
Posted By: mikeexplorer

Re: New Gps forum - 04/29/15 08:52 PM

As I replied, SSRT's trail map cannot be calibrated to be used in a GPS, but their trail map is pretty easy. It could be drawn in as a GPX file as its mainly the railbed plus 20 miles of twp roads.

I do have maps of Bloody Skillet, Whiskey Springs, Susquehannock State trails (though the trails are horribly inaccurate, but the intersections are good)

I do have tracks of the connector trail from SSRT to Bloody Skillet, but that trail is also well marked.

I use an Oregon 450t

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