Parking to ride Murph

Posted By: awedel

Parking to ride Murph - 11/24/13 01:52 PM

Anyone in the Altoona area know best place to park to ride Murph?
Posted By: Scott

Re: Parking to ride Murph - 11/24/13 10:27 PM

where is murph? Whats the deal to ride there.
Posted By: awedel

Re: Parking to ride Murph - 11/25/13 12:37 AM

Murph is a semi-active strip mine in near Altoona, PA where riding isn't really allowed, but instead tollerated. I rode it once years ago, parked far away and rode in. All those ways are shut down. I know there are places to park right close, but don't know exactly. Help!
Posted By: Wildhorse800

Re: Parking to ride Murph - 12/14/13 01:44 AM

Get a hold of me...I ride from the house so its not a problem to help u out on a ride sometime. Just send a PM to me.

Riding up Ebensburg area Sunday Dec. 15. Meeting at Keystone restaurant right off the Munster/Portage exit on US 22 near Ebensburg at 10 AM for breakfast/coffee then ride.
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